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Fringe or botox??? Dilemma!

Like many women (and men) there comes a time in your life when you look in the mirror and see those dreaded lines running like train tracks across your forehead and over the years too much frowning has caused deep burrows between your eyebrows. 

You try to ignore them, but the evidence is there in every photograph you have taken, you are getting "older".

I've tried all the creams and potions on the market and I do have to say Retinol-X which claims to be a surgical alternative has diminished my fine lines but..............I still don't look 25, so until I do I'm still looking for that miraculous anti-aging potion!

Today's trip to the hairdressers posed the question, should I get a fringe? Not as a fashion statement or because I fancy a new trendy style but as an attempt to hide my forehead lines. I could go down the botox line but I don't want to end up with an egg shell smooth face that gives no indication of emotional expressions or do I just grow older (older sounds so much softer than old, don't you think?) naturally? I'd love to hear people's views on this.

Well a trip to the hairdressers later and I've returned with my familiar blonde, bob- no fringe! My retinol X bottle is now empty, so until I put another order in (only seems to be available over the internet) I'm going to use the Boots number 7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum and day/night cream and give the Botox some serious thinking about!!!

Mobile Phone Anxiety

You're out with friends about to enjoy a good old chat and a coffee.Out of habit you dip into your handbag and the panic sets in, you can't find your mobile phone. How can that be? You NEVER EVER forget to take it out with you.

You continue rummaging with no avail. The contents of your bag are now all over the table of the well known coffee place. It must be in there somewhere, in the darkest, unexplored depths of your handbag-IT'S GOT TO BE THERE.

The panic sets in. You ask your friend to dial your number in the hope it will enable you to detect your phone by it's ring tone, but there is no reassuring buzz. You realise with horror that you must have left it at home!!! What do you do?? You can't focus on what your friends saying as you go over and over in your mind, where could you have left it? Does anyone in your household know your password and could they gain access to you most private information all there in that one little device.

What if there's an emergency? What if the worlds going to end and your loved ones can't get hold of you? What if an old boyfriend sends you a text and your new partner reads it? The anxiety is getting to much. You make your excuses to your friend and race home to find your beloved mobile phone.

Its where you left it, of course. With a missed call from you mum. An email about a PPI claim and someone rang a minute ago to book a waxing appointment. What a relief, you survived for one whole hour without your phone- how did we manage in the old days before these anxiety provoking gadgets existed I ask myself. Now then, time to reply to my texts, up date my Facebook status, send a couple of tweets and read my emails. I love my I phone!

A Day In The Life Of A Brazilian/Boyzilian Waxer........

The first thing that I want you to know is that I love waxing , I mean I have a real passion for it , I feel removing your unwanted hair is what I was born to do! Intimate waxing is my CALLING !

I look at womens vaginas and mens penises everyday. It's what I do as an intimate body waxer. I don't even think about the shape or size as I'm to busy concentrating on removing the hair from my clients private bits. I can remove everything. Every little crevice, nook and cranny. Some of my clients want it all off- hollywood some want a strip on the pubic bone- Brazilian.  Don't be shy or nervous I've waxed a million and one vaginas & scrotums. I went into this profession knowing I'd be entrusted with people's intimate bits.
Waxing even the word with its central X looks like a warning. You are in safe hands. I use the latest techniques & the best wax (Perron Rigot) to minimise discomfort.
What made me become an intimate waxer? I realised that over the last 5 to 10 years there is a trend for hairlessnessSpecialised waxing salons are appearing all round the country and have reported a tenfold increase in business!
From hairline to toes people are wanting smooth perfection. With Brazilians & Hollywoods it's not like legs or armpits, where on a warm day we can see who's been depilating or not. There's something mysterious about who chooses to remove their pubic hair or not. I get clients from all walks of life, my oldest being 65 who's just started dating again, the youngest are teenagers who generally seem uncomfortable basking in any body hair. I get couples, singles, straight, gay, transvestites, transgender......the trend to be hair free has compelled many people to follow. 
Vjazzles for the females & P jazzles for the males are very popular. In case you are wondering these are crystals stuck on the smoothly waxed pubic area in a design.
Waxing is a very rewarding career. I see instant results & help people feel good about themselves. More and more people are embracing waxing & enjoying the smooth perfection for a variety of reasons; fashion, confidence, aesthetic and others and I'm more than happy providing this professional service for them.

Good advice if your thinking about waxing for summer

Some good advice, if you're thinking about waxing for the bikini season.....
If you're a shaver/hair removal cream user and are thinking about waxing for summer...

You will need 3-4 weeks hair growth. And we mean 3-4 weeks! I know shavers/removal cream users think a few days growth is "loadsa hair" but really it's nada.

If you want a smooth result from your wax treatment, you need the decent hair growth to achieve it. It's so worth it, especially for holiday season right around the corner.

Any questions or to book an appointment, call  07411 454300

Smooth for summer.

The sun is shining and what a lovely day spent lunching & coffeeing with friends in Lytham. Wore my favourite darling dress and thank goodness my limbs are all smooth and tanned- Smooth for summer!! Lytham proms tonight- 80's night, all my girlfriends are going- champagne & picnics?
Wish I was going........never mind I'll have an 80's night at home instead. Feel a Kagagoogoo moment coming on
Too shy???

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