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That awful moment when your most unflattering photo falls into the wrong hands.

We've all got one. We all hate them. We all thank the lord for digital photography, were in an instance we can delete them. You know what I'm talking about, that terrible photograph of yourself. That one that was taken after one to many vodkas or that caught you unaware. That one where you're not behaving at your most dignified, the one that you don't want your boss or your mother to see. 

The pictures that you weren't able to censor before the taker puts them on the dreaded face book for all your friends, family and work colleagues to see. Nooooooooo, your professional reputation could be ruined- your demure, sensible persona is shattered...........was I really that drunk? Did I really look that bad on the night?

You immediately send a direct message to the face book fiend who has posted your rotten, most unflattering picture "Please" you plead "remove this photo- it's embarrassing"

Within a few minutes its gone! You breathe a sigh of relief and hope that in the last half an hour that nobody has been logged onto face book and seen it.

Then it starts!!!! At the school gates........"you looked like you were enjoying yourself the other night." You get into work.........."what were you up to the other night, looked like you'd had a few". You see your friends.........."looked like you had a good night out". 

Suddenly you feel as though the worst picture that ever existed of you has gone viral. Everybody's seen it!

It all dies down and in a few weeks people are no longer mentioning that awful picture! Then horror strikes as you realise that your most unflattering photo has now ended up in enemy hands!! Not only that they've copied and pasted it on to their own facebook page, urghhh they've taken great delight on commenting on what a trout you are!!! The photo has come back to haunt you!!!!! 

How I love cyberspace. That photo that we all hate is floating around there somewhere forever in time as a reminder that sometimes we get drunk, sometimes we take bad photos and don't always look at our best, but goddamn it WE KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN...........

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